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Facebook dark mode missing? Here’s the fix for Android and iOS



facebook dark mode gone Some Facebook users who had enabled dark mode in their app received an eye-searing surprise on Wednesday when the setting disappeared on both the iPhone and Android phones.

While Facebook says the issue has been resolved, according to Tom’s Guide, you may still need to force-quit the app to bring back the setting. This was my experience on both iOS and Android on Thursday morning.

Normally, you can find Facebook’s Dark Mode by hitting the “hamburger” menu button (in the top-right corner on Android, or the bottom-right corner on iOS), then tapping on “Settings & Privacy.” The option for Dark Mode should appear in the expanded set of options.

View image larger here. [Screenshots: Facebook]
If Dark Mode doesn’t show up there, force-closing and restarting the app should do the trick.

On the iPhone, swipe up and hold until you see the app switching menu. Then, swipe the Facebook app up and away.
On Android, long-press the Facebook icon on your home screen and select “App Info,” then hit “Force stop” on the next page.
Once you restart the app, you should see Dark Mode in its usual place under the “Settings & Privacy” menu. Turning it on will make the app display light text on a dark background. You can also choose “Automatic” if your phone is set to switch between light and dark modes based on the time of day.

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The International Cricket Council (ICC): A Comprehensive Overview




The International Cricket Council (ICC)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the apex governing body for the sport of cricket globally. Established to ensure the proper administration and development of cricket, the ICC plays a vital role in shaping the game, promoting international competitions, and fostering cooperation among cricketing nations. In this in-depth exploration of the ICC, we will delve into its history, structure, functions, key tournaments, and its efforts to grow and promote cricket worldwide.

I. The Origins of the International Cricket Council

The ICC’s history dates back to the early 20th century when cricket was played predominantly between England and Australia. The need for a governing body to oversee international matches became apparent as the sport gained popularity in other nations.

II. Foundation and Early Years

The Imperial Cricket Conference (ICC’s original name) was founded in 1909 with England, Australia, and South Africa as its founding members. Initially, the ICC primarily focused on scheduling and organizing Test matches between these countries.

III. Expansion and Renaming

In 1965, the organization expanded its membership, including more cricketing nations, and was subsequently renamed the International Cricket Conference. This expansion marked a significant step towards the globalization of cricket.

IV. The Formation of the International Cricket Council (ICC)

In 1989, the ICC was formally established as the sport’s governing body to oversee all international cricket, with a mandate that extended beyond Test matches to include One Day Internationals (ODIs) and other formats.

V. Structure and Governance of the ICC

The ICC operates under a structured framework that includes a council, committees, and member boards. Understanding its governance is essential to comprehending how decisions are made in international cricket.

VI. ICC Councils and Committees

The ICC is comprised of various councils and committees responsible for specific aspects of the game. These include the Executive Board, the Chief Executives’ Committee, and various cricket-specific committees.

VII. The Role of Member Boards

Member boards from cricket-playing nations play a crucial role in the ICC’s decision-making process. They represent their respective countries and are vital in shaping the future of the sport.

VIII. ICC’s Regulatory and Development Functions

The ICC’s responsibilities extend to both regulating the game and promoting its growth. This dual role requires a multifaceted approach to ensure cricket thrives worldwide.

IX. Promoting and Developing Cricket Globally

One of the ICC’s primary objectives is to expand the reach of cricket beyond traditional strongholds. Initiatives to promote cricket in non-traditional markets and developing cricketing infrastructure are central to this mission.

X. Key ICC Tournaments

The ICC organizes and sanctions numerous international tournaments, some of which are the most prestigious in the world of cricket. These tournaments capture the hearts of fans and showcase the best talent in the game.

1. ICC Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is the pinnacle of One Day International cricket, attracting global attention every four years. It features the world’s top teams competing for the coveted trophy.

2. ICC T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup, introduced in 2007, has become a marquee event in the cricketing calendar. The fast-paced and dynamic T20 format has garnered a massive following.

3. ICC Champions Trophy

The Champions Trophy is another prestigious ODI tournament that brings together top cricketing nations in a competitive and limited-overs format.

4. ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup

The ICC also promotes women’s cricket through the Women’s Cricket World Cup, showcasing the talents of female cricketers on the global stage.

XI. The Impact of Technology on Cricket

The ICC has embraced technological advancements to enhance the accuracy of decision-making during matches. The Decision Review System (DRS) and Hawk-Eye technology are prime examples.

XII. Challenges and Controversies

Like any international sports body, the ICC has faced challenges and controversies, including issues related to governance, match-fixing, and disputes among member boards.

XIII. ICC’s Role in Cricket Diplomacy

Cricket has often been used as a diplomatic tool, and the ICC plays a role in facilitating cricketing ties between nations, sometimes in the midst of political tensions.

XIV. Future Initiatives and Expanding Horizons

The ICC continually seeks ways to innovate and grow the sport, exploring new markets, formats, and promotional strategies.

XV. Conclusion

The International Cricket Council stands as the custodian of the world’s second-most popular sport, with a mandate to govern, promote, and develop cricket across the globe. Its journey from humble beginnings to a global powerhouse reflects the enduring popularity and impact of cricket. As the sport continues to evolve, the ICC remains at the forefront, ensuring cricket’s future is as vibrant as its storied past.

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Citizen-Run Media: Empowering Voices for a New Era of Journalism





Citizen-Run Media:Empowering Voices for a New Era of Journalism has become a strong and important force in a society where mainstream media predominates. This 2000 word essay analyzes the interesting world of citizen-run media, looking at its history, significance, difficulties, and potential. You’ll have a thorough knowledge of how regular people are changing the media environment after this adventure is over.

Citizens’ media, sometimes known as “grassroots media,” has become quite popular in recent years. It symbolizes a departure from conventional journalism by giving everyday people control over the broadcast of information.

The Birth of Citizen-Run Media

The idea of citizen journalism is not wholly new. It has its roots in the early days of the internet, when online forums and blogs were used as venues for people to express their opinions. However, the social media revolution was when citizen-run media really took off.

The Power of Social Media

People now have an unmatched chance to share news, ideas, and stories with a worldwide audience thanks to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Citizen journalists have emerged as a result of the democratization of information, reporting on current events from their particular viewpoints.

The Impact of Citizen-Run Media

Breaking News Faster

News stories are frequently reported faster by citizen-run media than by established channels. Information travels quickly because eyewitnesses record occurrences on their smartphones and post them online. Because of this, we now absorb news in a different way that is more instantaneous and unedited.

Diverse Perspectives

The variety of viewpoints offered by citizen-run media is one of its most important benefits. Citizen journalists come from a variety of experiences and opinions, offering a larger and more inclusive vision of the world whereas traditional media may have biases or restrictions.

Holding the Powerful Accountable

Holding governments and organizations responsible has mostly been made possible by citizen-run media. Now that activists and whistleblowers may expose corruption and injustice without relying on conventional media outlets, accountability and transparency are guaranteed.

Challenges Faced by Citizen-Run Media

Credibility Concerns

Credibility is one of the main issues facing Citizen-Run Media:Empowering Voices for a New Era of Journalism. Making the distinction between trustworthy sources and skewed information is crucial in the age of fake news and disinformation. This is a major obstacle for both producers and users of citizen-run media.

Lack of Resources

The benefit is that traditional media outlets have trained journalists, editors, and fact-checkers at their disposal. Budget constraints frequently affect citizen-run media, which can have an impact on the reliability and quality of reporting.

Legal and Ethical Issues

For citizen journalists, navigating the ethical and legal facets of journalism may be difficult. Avoiding legal concerns requires a thorough understanding of copyright, defamation, and privacy laws.

The Future of Citizen-Run Media

Continued Growth

Citizen-Run Media:Empowering Voices for a New Era of Journalism will continue to exist. This kind of media will keep expanding and changing as long as people have access to the internet and a desire to share their tales.

Collaboration with Traditional Media

We may anticipate increasing cooperation between established media and citizen-run sites. A more complete and accurate image of the world may result from this blending of citizen journalism with traditional media.

Evolving Platforms

It’s conceivable that the platforms utilized for citizen-run media may change. Emerging technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality might offer new platforms for people to share their experiences and narratives.


To sum up, citizen-run media has fundamentally changed how we get news and information. It gives regular people the ability to become journalists, storytellers, and activists, enhancing the media landscape with a variety of viewpoints and voices.

Unique FAQs

  • Is citizen-run media reliable?

Citizen-run media varies in reliability. It’s crucial to fact-check and verify information from multiple sources.

  • Can anyone become a citizen journalist?

Yes, anyone with access to the internet and a desire to share information can become a citizen journalist.

  • How can I support citizen-run media?

You can support citizen-run media by following credible sources, sharing their content, and promoting responsible journalism practices.

  • What role does citizen-run media play in social movements?

Citizen-run media often serves as a catalyst for social movements, helping raise awareness and mobilize activists.

  • What’s the future of mainstream media in the era of citizen-run media?

Mainstream media will likely adapt by incorporating citizen-run content, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives.

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A Comprehensive Guide to 누누티비 대체 사이트: Your Go-To Address for Ad-Free OTT Streaming





In the realm of online streaming, Noonootv had garnered a dedicated following for its ad-free experience and lightning-fast streaming speeds. However, with the recent discontinuation of Noonootv’s services, many are on the lookout for alternative streaming platforms. This post serves as a comprehensive guide to 누누티비 대체 사이트, providing insights into their domain addresses, features, and how their OTT streaming works. Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or new to the concept, this article aims to help you explore and understand the unique offerings of Noonootv alternatives.

누누티비 대체 사이트 Address Guide:

To access the incredible world that Noonootv used to offer, it’s essential to know the domain addresses of its alternatives. Noonootv alternative sites can be found at [https://누누티비.fun]. Once you have these addresses, you can easily explore a diverse range of content. Much like Noonootv, these alternative sites distinguish themselves by providing a hassle-free streaming experience, free from advertisements and banners. Users can now immerse themselves in their favorite shows and movies without any distractions on these platforms.

Unleashing the Power of OTT Streaming on Noonootv Alternatives:

If you’ve used services like Twitch or Netflix before, you’ll already be familiar with the streaming basics that these Noonootv alternatives provide. Content on these platforms can be accessed by clicking on videos through internet web or mobile web browsers. With simple interfaces and user-friendly designs, these alternatives ensure viewers can effortlessly navigate the platforms and discover captivating content.

These Noonootv alternatives also employ a “one-to-one” transmission method for OTT streaming, ensuring that each end-user device maintains a dedicated connection to the content source. This personalized streaming experience delivers one stream directly to each viewer’s receiver, maximizing the quality and reliability of the streaming service.

Much like Noonootv, these alternative sites focus solely on providing the infrastructure for content delivery through Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They do not exercise control over content copyright, viewing restrictions, or video service delivery. This approach ensures that these platforms can concentrate on delivering exceptional streaming experiences while collaborating with ISPs to ensure seamless content delivery.


누누티비 had earned its reputation as a beloved streaming platform with its ad-free experience and exceptional streaming speeds. However, as Noonootv’s services have been discontinued, it’s crucial to explore alternatives that maintain the same level of quality and convenience. By understanding the domain addresses of 누누티비 대체 사이트 and how their OTT streaming works, users can fully utilize these platforms’ features and enjoy a vast library of content. Whether you prefer watching on your computer or streaming directly to your TV using tools like Google Chromecast, these Noonootv alternative sites guarantee an enjoyable and hassle-free streaming experience. Embrace the world of ad-free entertainment at your fingertips through these alternatives.

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