When I Think of You – Lee Ryan

When I Think of You – Lee Ryan

I’m looking at you while you’re sleeping here beside me
Oh, mere words can’t explain the love I have inside
It’s more than just a physical thing
I know something like spiritual connection
I feel it in my soul, heart and mind

The sweetest thing is what you are
From you I’ll never be too far,
Please say forever you will stay beside me

You’re my past, my future
My all, my everything
My six in the morning when the clock rings
And I open up my eyes to a new day
My laughs, my frowns
My ups, my downs
It’s the feeling that you get
When you know that something’s true
When I think of love, I think of you

You’re beautiful like the colours of the rainbow
Warm hearted like the rays of the sun on a summer’s day
And all I gotta do is look into your eyes to lose myself
You’re the substance of my dreams, epitomy of woman
The only one I truly call mine

When I Think of You Lyric

When I Think of You – Lee Ryan

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