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True To Your Heart Lyric – 98 Degrees feat Stevie Wonder

Baby, I knew at once That you were meant for me Deep in my soul I know That I’m your destiny Though you’re unsure Why fight the tide Don’t think so much Let your heart decide True To Your Heart

Never Let Go Lyric – 98 Degrees

I never imagined a dream so clear Until the day that you came in You open my eyes bright in all of my days You changed my life in so many ways Without you in my life everything’s just blue

The Hardest Thing Lyric – 98 Degrees

We both know that I shouldn’t be here This is wrong And baby it’s killin’ me, it’s killin’ you Both of us tryin’ to be strong I’ve got somewhere else to be Promises to keep The Hardest Thing Lyric –

Don’t Stop the Love Lyric – 98 Degrees

Some say that I’m professional Cause I know how to handle mine Be still be cool and wait awhile And I’ll show you what some say is right Now don’t get the wrong impression I don’t do this all of

If She Only Knew Lyric – 98 Degrees

If she only knew What I knew but couldn’t say If she could just see The part of me that I hid away If I could just hold her in my arms again And just say “I love you” But

Fly With Me Lyric – 98 Degrees

So won’t you fly with me I wanna make you feel alright Alright with me Let me mend your broken wings And set you free, girl it’s alright Girl can’t you see Fly With Me Lyric – 98 Degrees Let

Always You and I Lyric – 98 Degrees

It’s so hard to say How a love could end this way The one that sed to care for you Just turned and walked away Always You and I Lyric – 98 Degrees And it’s so hard to find To